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How To Keep Your Clothes in Tip Top Shape!

How To Keep Your Clothes in Tip Top Shape

Hey friends!

Let’s talk about something we love—keeping your clothes looking awesome so you can rock them longer and maybe even consign them one day! Trust us, taking good care of your clothes isn’t just for the super organized folks; it’s for everyone, including those of us who think laundry day is the worst day ever. 😂


First up, let’s tackle the laundry monster. It’s real, and it’s out to ruin your favourite jeans. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Use cold water most of the time—it’s like a refreshing dip in a pool for your fabrics. Plus, it helps prevent colors from fading and/or mixing together, and fabrics from shrinking. Win-win, right?


Ah, the sweet convenience of a dryer. But here’s the tea: air drying is where it’s at! It’s like letting your clothes chill out in a cool breeze, avoiding the heat that can wear them out faster. And if you’re tight on space, those nifty drying racks are a lifesaver. Trust us, your clothes will thank you with extra longevity. Dryers can rip and shred fabrics, so let your clothes hang out and keep their integrity intact!


Yes, we’re going there. Those annoying little fuzz balls that show up on your sweaters and, let’s be real, in the crotch area of your pants (it happens to us all!). Grab a razor and gently shave them away. It’s like giving your clothes a little grooming session. Smooth and pill-free, just the way we like it!


We’ve all been there—spilling coffee on a white shirt or getting that mystery stain on your favourite dress. Here’s a pro tip: attack stains like a ninja, fast and furious! The quicker you deal with them, the less likely they are to become a permanent part of your wardrobe. For your whites, use a stain treatment and wash them separately to keep them bright and spotless. It’s like giving them VIP treatment in the wash.


If you’re looking to freshen up your clothes between washes and save some water, steaming is your best friend. It kills bacteria, eliminates smells, and gives your clothes a just-washed look. And here’s a fun trick: mix 1 part vodka with 1 part water in a spray bottle and spritz your clothes. The vodka works magic on odours—no one will know you didn’t just do laundry!


Proper storage can make a world of difference. Use decent hangers (ditch the wire ones—they’re the worst!) and fold heavy sweaters to avoid those weird shoulder bumps. And if you’re storing seasonal stuff, keep them in breathable garment bags. 


PLAY and don’t be afraid to experiment. The more you love your wardrobe, the better you’ll treat it. And when it’s finally time to say goodbye to some pieces, consider consignment. It’s like passing the torch of fashion awesomeness to someone else, keeping the good vibes going.

So there you have it!

Some friendly tips to keep your clothes looking sharp, feeling great, and ready for their next adventure—whether it’s another day out with you or a new life with someone else.

Take care of your wardrobe, and it’ll take care of you. Stay stylish, friends!

Catch you later and as always, sending love,

Your fashion pals at The R.A.K

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